1: Habits

One of the best changes I made to my daily routine this past year was waking up early and clocking in time on my personal projects, doing some thinking, or occasionally just attending to the todos I needed to get done — before I begin my regular, day job. The result was, I almost instantly complained less about not having enough time. My anxiety levels about my projects dropped. I no longer felt that I wasn’t making progress.

For a very long time, I would work when I was “inspired”. I did get some really good work done during those bouts of inspiration. However, I now believe that the net output that I produced was far less than what I could have if I’d instilled and followed the habit of “just showing up”, day in, day out.

Mason Curry’s book, Daily Rituals re-inforced this for me.

In 2014, this is a habit and ritual I hope to continue with. To further capitalize on this habit, I am going to try and wake up an hour earlier than my current wake-up time of around 7am.