2013: Year In Review


Building the CrunchBase 2.0 team and product
From the first hire to the eighth. With a strong team of engineers, I led the engineering effort through thought, action, leadership, and example. It has been an incredible experience so far of building a strong team and product from the ground up. I gave it my best and the experience so far has taught me a mountain on how to create and mobilize an energized team of people, the challenges and ways of engineering a complex product towards a robust solution, and the pitfalls and what-not-to-dos in such a mission.

Starting to ride a motorcycle
This was one of the unexpected joys of 2013. I had never pegged myself to be a motorcycle person but riding one to work and around the city is one of those primal, liberating, and enjoyable experiences.


The decisions you don’t make have a cost that is greater than the benefits you reap from even a good decision.

Your attention is finite and the rarest of rare resources. A forty eight hour day will do you no good if your attention is occupied by inconsequential things.

Don’t engage with anything or anyone frivolously, i.e., without respect.

Don’t linger for long without purpose. Corollary: move with purpose.

Your place as the leader is earned. Be a fine example of it.