Two of my closest friends left the shores of California today for the east coast. I will have known A for exactly a decade this September and N for at least half that time. They have always been the Chandler and Monica to my carefree joey-ness at times. Along with shady bugger, we formed a group that has shared many, many amazing moments over the years. There were so many times over the years when I flew from san diego to the bay area for the weekend to hang out with them and shady. I’ve crashed AN’s couches, spare rooms, and corners of their living room. I don’t think I can even remember all the road trips, camping trips, chai sessions, vacations, and just everyday moments we’ve shared over the years. We’ve partaken in each other’s joys and difficult times. Eventually when I moved to san francisco, we ended up within three blocks of each other.

As I stood outside my apartment gate watch them take their airport shuttle that would whisk them away, I found it hard to digest that this was really happening. It was a bittersweet feeling — I’m obviously happy that they are starting anew and fresh and beginning the next chapter of their lives but I could not escape the feeling of sadness that inevitably comes when your closest friends leave. You know they aren’t leaving you behind, that they will always be there, at a phone’s call away, a few flying hours away. And yet, your reality has changed.

I read this amazing quote somewhere — “It takes a long time to grow an old friend”. I think I experienced it today.

This is for you guys, for being such good friends over the years. Good luck and happy times as you start the next phase of your life and form new experiences and friendships!

PS – I will continue making last minute trips to your place and crashing your couches 🙂