9 years

9 years ago, on this day, I landed on the shores of California. I was talking to mom on the phone and of course, like every mother, she hadn’t forgotten the date and to commemorate this, casually said – “That sure has been a long time but you haven’t really come too far in life”. Ouch!

Oh well, on a lighter note, to remind myself that I have at least done something in all these years, a quick glance down the memory lane:

1 degrees earned
2 jobs
3 trips to the motherland
9 countries visited, more like backpacked
3 attempted ventures/side-projects -1 never-saw-light-of-day, 1 never-took-off, 1 work-in-progress
3 times drunk (i’m aware it’s a abysmally low number)

One response to “9 years”

  1. Working for Tech Crunch is something very cool. I wish you best of luck for your third project that is currently in progress.