Movies The French Make

I am going to make a bold claim. The French make a certain kind of a movie better than anyone else in the world. This kind of a movie is somewhat quiet in its treatment. This movie is rhythmic in flow, harmonious and melodious, like the language itself. It manages to be poignant and witty and charming, pulling all of those really well. This kind of a movie is humorous, but subtly. This movie is stylish, like the people.

Of course it may be only a few film-makers, or the kinds of French movies I’ve ended up watching, and therefore selection bias. However, I’d like to think it’s not that.

I’ve watched a number of French movies on Netflix (voila, no surprise there). I will continue watching more.

Here I present a few sample ones that form the basis of my claim:

  • Paris je t’aime – Paris, I love you
  • L’Homme du Train – Man On The Train
  • Mon Meilleur Ami – My Best Friend
  • Gadjo Dilo – The Crazy Stranger
  • L’Heure d’été – Summer Hours
  • L’auberge Espagnole – The Spanish Apartment (part-spanish, part-french)
  • Les Poupées Russes – Russian Dolls
  • Ne le dis à personne – Tell No One
  • Le Fils de L’épicier – The Grocer’s Son
  • Un Baiser S’il Vous Plaît – Shall We Kiss?
  • Hors de prix – Priceless
  • Le Battement D’Aile du Papillon – Happenstance
  • De Battre Mon Couer s’est Arrete – The Beat That My Heart Skipped
  • Le Placard – The Closet
  • Paris
  • L’Appartement – The Apartment

Also, if you have recommendations for good French films, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Movies The French Make

  1. L’arnacoeur, Persepolis, Le prince et la princesse, Amelie, Jeux d’enfants, Ma vie en l’air, Prete-moi ta main, A very long engagement, Les Aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec, Entre les murs, Le petit Nicolas are some of the French movies I enjoyed that are not on your list =)

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