Sole Founder

As a Sole Founder in my venture, I can attest that it is a ride full of some nice highs (those lovely times of great hope) and more than a few lows. The hardest part is of course that you have no one to share this journey with. A good co-founder is no doubt your best asset when starting a company but I suppose a patient and loving girlfriend or wife could easily fill those shoes in helping you stay sane and hopeful.

You will have many self-doubts, many anxious moments, times when self-doubt will make you lose sleep and question the fundamentals. There is no escape from this. What you need in times like these is singular belief in yourself and your work. You need to listen hard to that very faint, almost silent inner voice that tells you to power on and keep going. Nobody ever promised that it will be easy – far from it. Entrepreneurship in and of itself is chock full of manic highs and depressing lows. and you have just made it more difficult by being the only one in charge of this ship. But now that you’re the captain, you better put on that cap and answer to your call of duty. It is now solely your responsibility to see this ship through these early, choppy waters.

I haven’t quite figured it out myself. The learn-as-you-go model is my trusted friend.

What are lessons that you’ve learned?