Advice, Baggage, Naysayers

The past six months have taught me much about myself. I have had to ponder over some heavy decisions and imagine what taking big risks may feel like. I’ve also learned a few things along the way:


One of the cheapest goods around us is Advice. It’s practically free. Advice is also almost always delivered with authority and confidence. Where advice fails is when we take it at face value.

When someone gives us free (or paid) advice, it is given through their prism. It is painted on the canvas of their life and tainted by their life experiences. It is influenced by their fears and their notion of right or wrong, good or bad, foolish or wise. Such advice must be treated with caution before we let it sink into our skin and change our course. I’ve generally noticed that unsolicited ‘life’ advice (and such advice always sounds right) comes from people who have no experience living it and no business giving it.

I believe one must filter all advice and subject it to the test of his or her circumstances, dreams, and life.


Everyone accumulates baggage as they grow older. Baggage comes in the forms of social conditioning, parental expectations, ego, societal pressures, and so forth. There comes a point when this baggage is too heavy to bear and you realize it is weighing you down. It has been a revelation for me when I realized just how much it had slowed me down.

Shed all baggage. Imagine yourself wearing this heavy outer cloak that you rip off and it falls by the wayside. It feels light. You’re free now. Free to go where you wish to go, not where you were required to go.


Naysayers – people who will shoot down your dreams, who will say that what you’re doing is silly, it’s foolish, that it has no potential, no future. This can either bog you down or strengthen your determination. Your pick.