Vineet Thanedar

I’m a product builder, engineer, and founder. I’m currently working on a product in the recruiting space (email me if you’re curious) and also started and run Version One Labs, a product development consultancy for early stage startups.

Most recently, I was a Co-founder at Oncue, a venture-backed booking service and software platform for moving companies.

Prior to Oncue, I co-founded ekCoffee, a dating app and real-life singles community in India who get together over group socials and activities. We bootstrapped it for two years and ultimately closed down when we failed to reach the growth necessary to keep it going.

From 2010 to 2015, I led engineering at Crunchbase and led the team of engineers that rebuilt the product from the ground up in 2013. I led the dev team at TechCrunch from 2010 to 2012. Before moving up to San Francisco, I was an engineer at Qualcomm in San Diego for six years, where I worked on network software for a line of products heavily used by the long-range trucking and heavy equipment industry.

I enjoy building early-stage teams, products, and businesses.

I write about building products, entrepreneurship, and life here.

You can reach me at vineet at and on Twitter @vinthanedar.

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