Product builder.
Early-stage Technical Co-founder.



I'm a hands-on product and engineering leader with sixteen+ years of experience solving problems with code, software, and design.

I honed my early engineering craft at Qualcomm and since then over the past ten years, I've built and/or led the development of software products at TechCrunch, Crunchbase, TRX, Udacity, Oncue, my own projects and ventures, and now, with the clients I work with. I've also led engineering teams of up to 10.

I enjoy solving problems, crafting delightful product experiences, and building teams and businesses.

I now help non-technical founders and teams bring their ideas to life as a technical co-founder through Version One Labs.


What I've Done  at places you might have heard of.

Head of Product & Engineering

Built the SaaS platform from scratch. Hired and led product/eng team of 5 that released 500+ iterations of the product in two years. Worked on number of features myself. Scaled product across web and mobile platforms to serve several dozen SMB customers.

Consulting Senior Engineer

Contributed features and enhancements to several products and apps as part of the Classroom and Student Experience team.

Engineering Lead/Director of Eng.

Led engineering for 5 years in Crunchbase's second act (2010 to 2015) until Series A. Grew team from just me to 10. Led platform and API re-build and launch.

Consulting Senior Engineer

Worked on several initiatives - upgraded the TRX backend platform, built from scratch an internal tool to manage instructor course offerings, and helped with their e-commerce store transition to BigCommerce.

Lead Engineer

Led the development team of 4. Individually contributed to and led several initiatives for the editorial/publishing platform. Co-hosted TechCrunch Disrupt China's Battlefield event.


Honed my skills as an engineer out of grad school. Wrote software for Qualcomm's Omnitracs line of products for the long-range trucking and heavy equipment industry.


How I Can Help You

I'm that technical (& product) co-founder you don't currently have and probably need. I work with non-technical founders and early stage teams to own the first versions of their product (and often beyond). My goal is to help you get your product in the hands of your customers, to your next funding milestone (typically a seed round), and/or help you until you find a CTO.

I'm hyper-focused on helping you deliver and iterate on your product. This includes but is not limited to the following:

- translate your vision or high-level requirements into finite timeline-based plan for a minimum viable/delightful/sellable product
- map features into low-fidelity wireframes
- refine the wireframe into a higher fidelity design in Figma
- build it in an iterative, agile manner with attention to code quality and product usability
- help launch it and provide complete production support

I have significant experience doing each of the above for a broad range of products across the spectrum spanning consumer mobile, B2B SaaS, e-commerce, publishing, and more.

If I can help you, feel free to reach out!